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We work hard so that our clients’ expectations are met and ideally exceeded each and every time. No excuses!

Client Focus

Clients deserve all of our attention and commitment so that our work and results are always in alignment with their expectations.


Work at LiftUp isn’t a regular job for our team, it’s an opportunity to be innovative in bringing unique and bold ideas to life.


It’s the fuel to all of the projects and partnerships we develop, as in anything of real value.


Whether things are tough or a breese, we all bring the best of what we have to the table and achieve something far greater than any of us could alone.

Joy of Life

We believe in finding meaning in the work that we do, but also in having the best time of our life while we’re at it.


Some solutions found until now

Server Config

Started by changing the website image; then went on to develop custom PrestaShop modules and API integrations.

Maintaining a lively feature-release cycle in e-commerce where regressions, uptime and response time are very important parameters.

PrestaShop, jQuery, API, Bootstrap

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Design & Development


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Crowdfunding platform

Development of  a scalable platform and reusable for similar future applications. Integration with online and sms payment services.

Laravel, API, Bootstrap, Materialize CSS

Internal project

Filadelfia International Logistics

Design & Development


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Create solutions for


As you (1) grow your footprint in the market, (2) look for key technical talent and (3) effective value structures, LiftUp’s software teams are a strategic solution. As your partner, we will assist with technological expertise through dedicated teams that act as an extension of your own. Let us manage the ins and outs of infrastructure and HR administration, so that you can benefit of the teams’ software capabilities.

Turnkey Solutions:
Web & e-Commerce

While our clients focus on their strategic objectives, they will often retain LiftUp to develop a complete software product that’s ready for immediate use. Starting with the proper requirements, to the projects stages, and to the final go live, we will guide you through the whole software development lifecycle.

Maintenance & Support

After all the websites, applications and solutions have been implemented, we proactively assist our clients with all the detailed and sometimes recurrent work of making sure everything runs smoothly. Depending on the need, this might require educating the client’s staff, updating of the supporting plugins or software, integrating with ulterior software platforms, hardware upgrades or simply providing support to the client’s end users. Whatever it is, we take special care to increase efficiency of the applicable systems with the purpose to reduce the need for maintenance and support.

Technologies we use



React Native


Node JS



Microsoft .NET





I’ve worked with LiftUP Solutions in a couple of web development projects and 3 things stood out immediately: Their focus on customer satisfaction, their attention to detail with quality in mind and not the least a very good sense of design trends. I highly recommend their work!

Cristian Ardelean, Recruitment Team Lead @ SourceMatch

I have worked with LiftUP Solutions on many projects and thank goodness I found them! They are honest, responsive, diligent and thorough, with an eye on the big picture. Always positive, they have good communication skills, broad experience, and manage deadlines well. If you need a full time collaborator, LiftUP Solutions are without a doubt the team to help bring your ideas to life.

Robert Healey, CEO of Cabana Design

LiftUP Solutions are extremely professional, competent and have worked to every one of our deadlines. Their work is of a high standard, the response time is lightning fast, the communication was exceptional and their team went out their way to make sure us - as customers are happy at the end of each project we completed together.
We are a returning customer, and as such can nothing but recommend them, definitely the best web design / development company we have ever dealt with in 19 years of trading as ADD.

Vali Moldovan, Advanced Digital Dynamics Ltd,Harrogate / United Kingdom

I'm very satisfied with the cooperation with LiftUp. They are a great team, with a very good project management.
Highly professional, they can cope with difficult tasks and do their best to solve the issues quickly.
You can expect to develop a long term relationship with them, they have a very large network of contacts and can address basically every aspect that pops up during the development of a project.
I would definitely recommend them!

Radu Moti, CEO of Server Config

When we started this project, we found out that our team lacked in quality control resources, LiftUP promptly filled that gap for us. With no prior knowledge about the system to verify, all important test cases we swiftly prepared and quickly up to speed with the rest of team. Great communication skills which is something we extremely appreciate even more when we are dealing with a remote team. As it tends to happen, there were some rather unforeseen changes in the technical architecture of our system which required high level of adaptability to change.

I recommend working with them.

Abel Pérez, Software Development Lead @ SmartConsign

Liftup - friendly, straightforward, quick to adapt, the developers and QA testers integrated smoothly with our team at Therapology. Communicating was seamless using Skype and Slack.

Robin Seymour, Co-Founder & Director @ Therapology


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